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Carbon MTB Rims:a complete guide for customers

Dec 15, 2022

Even you are a bike shop or professional and amateur riders,when you are searching “carbon rim mtb” by google,you can easily find a wide range of products displayed on the Google search page,

Before you finding a professional carbon mtb rim supplier ,you might need to study some basic info about mtb rim

There are 3 sizes for racing bicycle mtb rim :

26er,27.5er(650b),29er (reference from bikedoc carbon rim mtb)

Outside diameter for 26er=570.6mm

Outside diameter for 27.5er=595.6mm

Outside diameter for 29er=633.6mm

According to the different of designs ,there are symmetric and asymmetric 2 types .Following is a reference for 2 different designs .(reference from bikedoc carbon mtb rim)

Why it comes out asymmetric design?Because the flange distances on the left and right sides of the front and rear hubs are different (the front hub has brakes on the left, so the left flange is inward, and the rear hub has brakes on the left and the right flywheel, so the right flange is inward), so the lengths and angles of the spokes on the left and right sides are different. This will lead to inconsistencies in the performance of the left and right directions of the wheel.

The eccentric ring can make the front wheel deflect to the right and the rear wheel deflect to the left, so as to minimize the difference in the length and angle of the left and right spokes (because the eccentricity cannot be exactly the same by a few millimeters at most)

Carbon mtb rim

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