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What Is The Quality Of Chinese Carbon Wheel? BIKEDOC Carbon Wheelset

Jan 11, 2023

As for foreign friends ,many of them are very interested in Chinese making wheels carbon fiber .One of the reasons that most attract their attention is the nice price ,it says that you get what you pay for,the first time who want to try to buy carbon cycle wheels made in China is possibly doubt the quality regarding the “nice price”.BIKEDOC ,as a 10+year Chinese supplier ,being deeply involved in carbon bike wheel industry ,have great say in this doubt.

The best advertising is the feedback from users.Here is one of reviews on quality feedback about BIKEDOC

for business ,it is not doubt that service is of great importance ,if you can find a experienced and professional salesman/sales women,not only will you get a good solutions,but also you can have an comfortable communication.


When you are buying goods from oversea ,both before and after sale service are the great points that you need to pay attention to ,especially for aftersale service ,something to do with warranty,directly related to your interests.For example that happening on one of my Canadian customer ,he bought one pair of wheelset from alibaba in 2021,after using the wheel for about 1 year ,wheels was broken in 2022,but problem came,when he went to the former supplier ,the company was already not existing there .Then he came to bikedoc ,so i suggest all friends oversea from who want to do business with Chinese supplier ,before you do the online shopping ,please check and know more info about your sellers.



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