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Triathlon:How to choose carbon wheelset for time triathlon race?

Dec 26, 2022

Different from the starting point for design of road bikes that pursue comprehensive and all-round capabilities under the rules and regulations, the schedule of the triathlon is fixed, and the race distance is divided into 40km/90km/180km according to the type.Most of the triathlon events will be ridden on relatively flat or gentle hilly terrain, and there is only one factor that affects the outcome of the race: the time to complete the race.

Under the premise of winning speed, the design requirements of triathlon carbon wheelset for aerodynamics (low wind resistance) go beyond comfort and handling.

Since the first part of the triathlon is swimming, which consumes a lot of strength in the upper limbs, when entering the cycling segment, the athletes ride in a low posture holding the rest handles in their hands, which can allow the muscles of the upper limbs to recover, and at the same time lower the tension of the upper body. The height can also reduce the windward area and greatly reduce air resistance.Thus ,an high performance carbon wheel with high aerodynamic efficiency is of great importance .Athletes who pursuing extreme aerodynamic performance will even use heavier rear disc wheels and front 3/4/5 wheels with less air resistance to maximize marginal benefits.

Carbon 3 spoke wheel

Carbon 4 spoke wheel

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