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Is Carbon Wheel Worth It?

Feb 15, 2023

When you ask about this question , i guess here are your doubts:

1,Compared with alloy bicycle wheel ,what are the outstanding advantages of carbon wheel?

2,Why is carbon wheel more expensive than alloy bike wheel ?

3,How long can carbon wheel last ?

As a 12+year of carbon wheel maker ,We have witnessed the process of carbon fiber wheels from rising to technology becoming mature.And we have served 100+ countries of customers with different customization about carbon wheelset,taliking with different riders ,bike shopers .we confidently can understand your doubts.

Advantages of carbon wheels:

@the most obvious difference of the carbon wheels with alloy wheel is the weight ,with same size ,same rim width and same height ,carbon rim can be made much lighter than alloy type .Light weight wheel is much more easier to get up to ideal speed,which will help to save a lot of energy and time.

@carbon wheel is much more durable ,stiffness in both rim brake and disc brake system ,alloy is soft,easy to be out of shape.Beside ,most of carbon wheels can enduro maximum 130kg weight of riders.Carbon wheels are designed according to aerodynamics,which will highly rise your cycling effeciency .

The reson of higher cost of carbon wheel compared with alloy:

@carbon wheel is made of toray 700,toray,800,toray 1000 material ,these high grade carbon material decide the higher cost than alloy wheel .We know that high grade carbon material is normaly used in military equipment,resonablely carbon wheel cost is not cheap .

@from a carbon rim to a complete carbon wheelset ,expect the test progress ,rim making and wheel building are all finished by human .

How long can can carbon wheel last?

Technology of making carbon wheel has been very mature ,according to our 12+years of selling experience ,since from 2019 ,very few breaking aftersale service happens ,thanks to the stable stability of carbon wheels ,we get many repeat customers which good feedbacks of our bike wheels .

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