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What should we pay attention to when riding downhill?

Jan 06, 2023

Why is it easy to have an accident on the way downhill?

The process of the race consumes a lot of physical strength and energy. Cyclists who often ride know that when they finish riding with all their strength, their spirit and consciousness will suddenly be released from the tense state. In addition to the physical exertion, pay attention The force will drop, which is a dangerous signal for the downhill after the race. Even in the top world tours, there are many cases of professional drivers falling downhill because of the decline in physical strength and concentration loss.

Even if you buy carbon wheelset from bikedoc or other suppliers ,here are some tips that you can learn:

1. Control the speed of the bicycle. In familiar road conditions, do not exceed the road speed limit. If in unfamiliar road conditions, go downhill at the slowest speed you can control.

2. Master skilled braking technology. Control the overall center of gravity well, and avoid sudden and sudden braking to prevent the front or rear wheels from locking up. At present, bicycles do not have ABS technology, so you must master the skills of manual ABS, and apply force evenly when controlling the brake lever. Master the growth process of braking force and control the braking force.

3. The spirit should be highly concentrated. Pay close attention to the road ahead, road signs, vehicles, etc. Distracting practices such as listening to headphones while going downhill are not advocated.

4. Abide by the traffic rules. Don't ride in the other person's lane, especially when turning. Pull over as far as possible while ensuring safety.

5. Do not ride a fighting car. Don't compare your speed with other people, let alone motor vehicles, when going downhill.

6. Keep a safe distance. Never ride downhill side by side, and keep a safe distance from the car in front and the car behind.

7. Don't make unnecessary movements. Do not leave the handlebars with both hands or one hand on the way downhill, do not play with your mobile phone, focus on the road conditions, and do not stare at the stopwatch. Never look back and wait while turning.

8. Wear protective gear and a helmet is essential.

If you are not fully sure, it is better to slow down the downhill speed, and wait until the physical strength recovers and the attention is concentrated before going downhill. The danger often appears at the moment of relaxation.


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